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Oh. Hello

I’m Peggie, the Founder and chief proponent of having a ZenCareer. What's that exactly?

It’s about you having a job that you like or love - something that lights you up when you think about what’s next and something that pays you what you’re worth. You can be an entrepreneur or you can be working for someone else - doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you decide what matters in your life and your career is just one facet.

A ZenCareer is when you work to live not live to work!

I started this site because I believe in my bones that everyone deserves to be happy at work. And that happiness means something different for everyone. For some “happy” at work is

  • a specific income,

  • the flexibility to come and go as you please,

  • the chance to stretch yourself - creatively, intellectually or some other way

  • Or a combination of all of these.

The Origin Story

I started recruiting for a tech contracting firm in DC back in the late 90s. I rode that wave for a while - even gaining lofty titles and corner offices - and then I quit. Because I got tired of convincing people to leave stable jobs for to promise of a contract that may or may not come through or get renewed. I hated the hustle-fest of sitting in corporate events bragging about how little sleep I was getting while popping ibuprofen chased with another lukewarm cup of coffee - all while trying to prove I was smarter than the guy next to me.

During that time my personal life was in the shredder - and I started to come out of the fog of being an adoptee. (trust me it’s a murky traumatic mess - even for those with “good” adoptions.)

I swore I would never be a recruiter again and over the next decade went back to the hospitality industry, dabbled in non-profit development and eventually started my own pet-service business - where, along with winning awards and recognition I did a great deal of recruiting and hiring of my own.

I love working. I am a worker bee, and I known there is more to life than work. Over the years I learned to read hands, meditate and practice yoga and patience. I’m still not sure what the meaning of life is, although I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in thinking my work is somehow tied to being purposeful. My identity gets tied up in my job and I’ll bet yours does too. That’s okay - as long as you have the tools to figure out how to untangle the two now and again.

How Can I Help?

From 2020 through 2022 I’ve had more than 100 pro bono calls with job hunters, answering questions about resumes, recruiters, hiring platforms and the dreaded ATS. Those calls light me up. Especially when someone lets me know that our conversation helped them in their job hunt and they landed a great job.

However, it’s hard to talk to everyone who has questions one-to-one.

Thus, ZenCareer Nation.

If you want to make a difference, a positive impact in the world, and a decent living, this is the place for all the tips and insights I want YOU to know about job hunting. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or drained in your job hunt, this is a safe space for you. I promise to cheer you on and give you real information to help you on your journey.

I promise that you can find a job. That you can make a positive impact and that you are valuable no matter what title you have.

All the podcasts and articles are free for you because you shouldn’t have to stretch yourself financially when you’re job hunting. However, if you feel you can make it work, I’d love for you to subscribe, to support this work so it can stay free for those who need it.

I would also love it if you would share this community with your friends and colleagues!

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18 Random facts about Peggie

  1. I’ve moved more than 35 times and I’m not a “military brat”

  2. I’ve played flute, piccolo, saxophone, bassoon, clarinet, trumpet and piano - some better than others but none in any particular memorable way

  3. One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing the phrase “all of THE sudden”

  4. When I was 15, I wanted to either be the first female President of the United States or the Moscow bureau chief of the New York Times

  5. My dog is the bestest dog.

  6. I’m a noticer…small things catch my eye and I tend to photograph them

  7. My first job (after babysitting) was at the public library

  8. I started recruiting people in 8th grade when I worked to start a ski club

  9. I was a cheerleader from the time I was 10 until I went to college, where I joined a sorority and got the chance to cheer on my sisters

  10. An adult adoptee, I advocate for adoptees wherever they are in their journeys and land heavily on the side of family preservation whenever possible

  11. I chat nearly every Sunday with 3 of my longest-known friends via Zoom (I’ve known 2 of them since we were 2 and the other since we were 14)

  12. While I love reading, I’m not a fast reader and average about 15 books a year

  13. My other super-power is making clothes out of strings and sticks (aka knitting and crocheting)

  14. And I can read your hands - but the future is up to you

  15. Mountains or Ocean? Why not both? I can’t make up my mind so I spend as much time as possible in both

  16. On an 8th grade trip to DC I decided I wanted to live there - and did so once I was done with the University of Maryland

  17. My first company was a pet-services company and it was so much work and so much fun. (I hired a great team that made it much better than just me working with me)

  18. 3 years ago I found out that I’m the oldest of 10! (adoption is definitely not for the weak!)

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An ex-full-time recruiter obsessed with helping people find jobs - especially people who are often overlooked, under-represented or coming through to the other side of a trauma that has made them doubt their value.